Teacher Training

Educating Ourselves and Our Children in Godliness

Myra Kovalak, Director (OCA)

In answer to requests for support programs for religious educators, OCEC has implemented workshops to enhance the quality of education in church schools by providing Orthodox teachers with knowledge of the faith and basic instructional techniques. Originally developed by Carole Buleza (AOCA), formerly of OCEC’s Curriculum Department, these workshops are designed to give parish educators tools for classroom planning and management, while introducing new texts, curriculum ideas, and activities to enhance learning. Participants completing all three sessions in each level receive a certificate from OCEC.

Educating Ourselves and Our Children in Godliness

Three core courses to give educators a basic background for successful teaching:

  1. Overview of Orthodoxy
  2. Introduction to Teaching
  3. Curriculum and Resources

Educating Ourselves and Our Children in Godliness II

Consists of three courses in advanced training on elementary or middle and high school levels:

Elementary Level

  1. Enhancing the Classroom Experience
  2. Child Development and the Exceptional Learner
  3. Creative Expressions, Elementary

Middle and High School Level

  1. Adolescent Needs
  2. Moral Issues Overview
  3. Creative Expressions

Educating Ourselves and Our Children in Godliness CSD

This workshop is designed to assist the Church School Director in implementing and/or enhancing a successful Church School program.

  1. Introduction to Church School Ministry
  2. Building Your Students, Building Your Staff
  3. Curriculum and Resources for CSD

Educating Ourselves and Our Children in Godliness III

In cooperation with the Antiochian Archdiocese, workshops consisting of three sessions in advanced training are offered in areas of study including: Liturgy, Icons, Sharing Your Faith, Unity, Morality, Beyond the Classroom, Scripture through the Lens of the Holy Land, and Storytelling.

Parishes may host these workshops, inviting area Orthodox churches to participate. Further details are available by contacting Myra Kovalak (OCA), Department Director (mekovalak@gmail.com).