About Our Faith

A series of articles in PDF format about various aspects of the Orthodox faith.

Facilities-The Altar and Its Furnishings.pdf

Facilities-The Bells.pdf

Facilities-The Candles and Their Symbolism.pdf

Facilities-The Church Building.pdf

Facilities-The Clergy.pdf

Facilities-The Iconostasis.pdf

Facilities-The Sacristy and Vestry.pdf

Feasts-The Feast of Feasts-Pascha.pdf

Feasts-The Twelve Great Feasts.pdf

Feasts-Various Other Feasts.pdf

History-A History of the Orthodox Church.pdf

History-Orthodoxy in America.pdf

History-Orthodoxy in the World.pdf

Icons-Holy Icons.pdf

Icons-Icon Not-Made-By-Hands.pdf

Icons-Icons of the Mother of God.pdf

Monasticism-The Monastic Grades.pdf

Monasticism-The Monastic Tonsure.pdf

Prayer-Communing with God in Prayer.pdf

Prayer-The Church’s Prayer for the Dead.pdf

Sacraments-Church Mysteries.pdf

Sacraments-Holy Baptism.pdf

Sacraments-Holy Chrismation.pdf

Sacraments-Holy Communion.pdf

Sacraments-Holy Matrimony.pdf

Sacraments-Holy Orders.pdf

Sacraments-Holy Repentance.pdf

Sacraments-Holy Unction.pdf

Scripture-The Holy Bible.pdf

Scripture-The New Testament.pdf

Scripture-The Old Testament.pdf

Scripture-The Old Testament Apocrypha.pdf

Scripture-Used in Church.pdf

Scripture-Where to Find.pdf

Symbolism-The Cross.pdf

Symbolism-The Other Symbols.pdf

Teachings-Holy Tradition.pdf

Teachings-The Beatitudes.pdf

Teachings-The Christian Ethic.pdf

Teachings-The Mother of God.pdf

Teachings-The Symbol of Faith.pdf

Teachings-The Ten Commandments.pdf


Worship-Fasting Rules.pdf

Worship-Fasting Seasons and Days.pdf

Worship-Glossary of Liturgical Terms.pdf

Worship-Great Lent and Pascha.pdf

Worship-Liturgical Books.pdf

Worship-Liturgical Gestures.pdf

Worship-Liturgical Music.pdf

Worship-Services of the Daily Cycle.pdf

Worship-The Divine Liturgy.pdf

Worship-The Five Cycles.pdf